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COVID-19 Safe Learning Procedures

Below is a list of all procedures put in place by LIFE Prep School to safely and effectively return to an in-person, classroom setting. Any questions regarding the procedures or their descriptions should be sent to


Mask/Face Shield Requirement


  • Mask and Face Shield requirements will be put into place based on COVID-19 Community Levels

  • LIFE Prep will follow the CDC recommendations for the following COVID-19 Community Levels:

    • ​High: Wear a mask indoors and in public places

    • Medium: If you are at high risk for severe illness, wear a mask

  • Mask wearing will be optional for all students if we are in a “Medium” COVID-19 Community Level

  • If Ramsey County is declared a “high” Community Level, LIFE Prep has the authority to mandate masking in the school


Personal Hygiene


  • Students and staff will have access to hand sanitizer throughout the entirety of the day

  • Students and staff will be asked to use sanitizer periodically throughout the day


Building Hygiene


  • Medical grade air purifiers have been supplied to each classroom

Quarantine and Isolation

  • Students and Staff are no longer recommended to quarantine if exposed to COVID-19 and are not showing symptoms

  • If you are exposed to COVID-19 and are not showing symptoms, we recommend that you wear a mask for 10 days

  • If you develop symptoms after exposure, we recommend that you isolate at home and get tested as soon as possible

  • Isolation time is 5 days after symptoms develop as long as a fever is not present

  • Isolation time is 5 days after positive test if you are showing no symptoms

  • Masking is recommended for 5 days after your return from isolation

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